We consider that it is absolutely crucial for us to have a thorough understanding of the position we search for.

We focus on


  •  “pin-point” position fit – during the initial face-to-face interview with the candidate we are spending a sufficient amount of time to outline the proposed role to the candidate on the one hand and assessing the candidate’s skills to undertake that role successfully.
  • the speed of assignment processing  - various search and selection methods are used simultaneously in order to approach the widest applicants pool
           Step 6
         Step 5
       Step 4    Contingency plan
     Step 3    Job order closure
   Step 2    Prior experience  verification
 Step 1   Client interview
   Search and
 Client meeting    

Objective: matching candidates skills against the clients requirements

  • We internally discuss the role requirements and will look at previously interviewed top active candidates and contact them in order to discuss the position firsthand.
  • We advertise the position in the industry-focused media;
  • We perform an in-house interview of the screened pool of candidates, during which we will fully outline the role to the candidate and conduct an in-depth assessment of the candidate  to ensure that they have the skills to undertake the role successfully;
  • We perform an English proficiency and physiological assessment of the applicant, if applicable to screen-out the irrelevant candidates.
  • Result: An “active” package of candidates, including the “standardized” CVs, together with the candidate evaluation form, filled out by our specialist is sent to you for review and consideration.