Industry-specific knowledge and focus Our industry focus gives us the precise understanding and vision of your business, making us deliver to your business objectives We have a vast networking and have worked out a target industry internal applicants database, with the previously interviewed candidates for the search for positions within the industry
Experience of similar work in industry sector We are specialists with industry-specific professional experience and qualification We are specialists who have worked on the employer’s side We came to the external recruitment AFTER the internal operational experience


Local representation thus the understanding of local labour markets We know the exact professional profile of each candidate we search for We are constantly monitoring the pre-requisites of the local labour markets

Objective approach We work on a “hiring manager principle”- we will work on your assignment as if it were an in-house opening for us We are not preparing the candidates – no handing out of the “right” answers to memorize We understand that the candidates not only should be a good skill fit they have to be a good corporate fit We have developed a profiling procedure for all positions we search for