At inPraxi staff solutions we focus exclusively on drug development and engineering,

relevant to your professional career objectives.


We understand that finding new job may be quite challenging and stressful

therefore we assure you that we will make every effort to smooth that process for you


How we work with you

  • You are working with one and the same consultant from the very start up until
  • your successful placement within the organization.
  • We are constantly keeping you in the loop with your progress status.
  • We are always returning your calls, in case you are “unable” to talk at the
  • moment of calling or failed to speak with us directly.
  • A sufficient amount of time during our face-to-face interview is being devoted to outlining to you the details of the proposed role in order for you to assess your willingness and ability to take up the role.
  • We are giving you the objective summary of the proposed position, without trying to prepare you with the right questions to memorize.
  • We are making every effort to be completely objective and neutral at assessing your professional qualification and personal characteristics.
  • We are giving you a complete explanation as to why you may not be the ideal candidate for a search
  • We are never pressuring you to make a decision on a job offer.
  • We are keeping all your contact details strictly confidential.
Your resume is automatically going into a database to be searched when an opportunity arises.